Davis Dynasty


PORCIA DAVIS has combined a love of wellness, beauty and style to embrace an entrepreneurial passion for consulting and helping others.  A native of Austin, TX but residing in Houston for the past twelve years, she graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health.  Through a steady progression of leadership roles in the healthcare industry, she has been inspired to create and lead her own business with an emphasis on building a family dynasty.

Her leadership skills and healthcare background, combined with her natural eye for beauty, led her to recently establish her own business.  She is now the founder and owner of Davis Dynasty Designs, LLC. The company was founded and came to fruition in May 2015 offering statement fashion accessories for men and women.  Her multiple-level sales platform offers signature jewelry and clothing accessories to enhance any beauty, fashion, or styling desire of her clientele.

"I have always had an eye for fashion and an inner spirit for overall health and wellness," Davis said. "I have always been driven by life transforming ventures to help others."

Davis Dynasty Designs has expanded its reach through Porcia's International Master Certification in High Fashion and High Definition Multimedia Make-up Artistry as an addition to her current business model.  As a Makeup Artist, she now offers her clients beauty and cosmetic consultation through make up artistry, as well as one-of-a kind accessories to complement or achieve any style.  The company has now began to live up to its name in the collaboration and partnership with Porcia's sister - Lifestyle Blogger and Styling Consultant, Stacy Davis; Owner of Stacy The Survivor.   

Davis Dynasty Designs is moving to the next level! Her vision for the family-led business is an inclusive business model for styling and image consulting services through a paradigm of not only makeup; but bold statement accessories for both men and women. You can expect to see some of her designs on the runway in fashion shows, exclusive boutiques, editorial and even on her clients.

"A dynasty is simply a structure of influential leaders within the same family who have maintained their powerful ties for several generations," she says. Her desire is to encourage others to adopt the concept of building their own dynasty while supporting confident lifestyles through fashion, styling and wellness. She is committed to continuing and building the Davis dynasty family legacy concept by paying forward a portion of her business earnings to nonprofit organizations serving to empower women and improve the lives of battered women in domestic violence, as well as L.I.F.E.Style, Incorporated in 2018.